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It’s not very often a person gets a perfect kiln load of glazed pots, but this time the kiln gods must have thought the week had already sucked enough  … because this load was perfect.  It was all my own work (no student experiments), and the clear glazes came out clear, the drippy glazes dripped to perfection, and nothing went past the foot to attach to my shelves.  It was a bloody miracle!

Just perfect 1.


Just perfect 2


Just perfect 3





How did it happen?  Great question!  I loaded it up on Friday (had to warm the kiln so I wouldn’t crack the bricks) so it was taken up to 200 degrees and then turned off to heat the kiln room, where they sat until I turned it on at 7:00 to catch the cheap hydro rates (hah, as if they were actually cheap then), and then we left town.  I actually forgot about them until we got back on Sunday.  So maybe that’s the trick.  Set something in motion and forget about it!


Of course the other thing about this perfect batch, is that other than that special order for the tree set, they have no where to go.  I’m done with shows and open houses, there’s not much time left in December to have open doors (my annual Christmas party is on Sunday in case you didn’t get an invite — 1:00 to 4:00), and then the family starts to arrive for Christmas!   


So, I’m taking the perfect pots and putting them on my shelves in the show room.  If you see anything you’d like, just give me a call and I’ll turn on the lights for you … I’m teaching up until the 23rd of December, so I’ll be here for sure.  I may have to see how well the ladies can throw pots with a glass of wine in their hands by that point!


I’m heading out for a shot in the shoulder this afternoon (rotator cuff injury) so I’m looking forward to a pain free Christmas (yay!).  How perfect is that?


Hope you’re having a great day!  


Susan McD