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p1020845That’s what’s going on … they’re killing it!   I know, with all of the stuff in the media, the presidential race, shootings, bombs, etc., you’re thinking we’re decapitating baby seals or something — but no, not here.  These ladies that I’m working with in my studio are just killing it.  They are INTENSE!  They want good pots.  They want to stay for days, not hours, and they are KILLING IT!  Newbies making brie dishes, tapas stuff, jugs, etc., and experimenting with my glazes already (something I don’t usually encourage for at least six months …).  I think I could probably let them stay and just charge room and board.


One layer of kiln!

One layer of kiln!

Kiln Shed ... worth the walk!

Kiln Shed … worth the walk!

It’s starting to show … got some of their first work out of the kiln yesterday, stuff they made in their first two weeks made it into the kiln.  It all turned out fine, and there were some pretty happy faces here yesterday.  When their pieces come out at the end of the session they’re going to be ecstatic, they are getting that much better.  Going to be great fun for me to watch.


It’s a funny thing, what happens to people who are really into clay.  See, once you’re focussed on pots, on wedging clay, throwing, trimming, glazing, etc., it’s really hard to think about the rest of the stuff from your day.  In fact, if you lose your focus the clay has a tendency to go haywire!


So now I have a bit of a waiting list for the evening classes for the next session.  I think I might have to add in another one (maybe Mondays).  I wouldn’t do it normally but I seem to be coming across such an enthusiastic bunch of newbies that it’s hard to turn them away.  Quite bizarre, actually.  My husband (who reads, etc., upstairs) can’t figure on what’s going on down here in the studio — we’re such a raucous bunch, but he can tell from the laughter that it’s got nothing to do with baby seals … we’re just lovin’ clay!


Hope you’re having a great day,

Susan McD