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It’s done.  Just turned on the last kiln load for 2017.  I’d be sentimental about it, but I’m glad to see the backside of 2017. 

Inside of kiln … before the elements started to sag!

If you’ve been reading my posts all along, you have an inkling about what I’m on about … but if you haven’t — it’s been a year filled with funerals for family and friends, major illnesses to contend with, and so on.  My dearest friends have been taxed to the limit — physically, spiritually, emotionally, even financially — and my family has gone above and beyond the realm of duty over the last year while I buzzed above on airplanes or dashed in and out of Toronto (I prefer the airplanes!) to attend to emergencies there.  

Weary travellers at the Dublin airport.

I have my last pottery classes on Thursday with a fine bunch of ladies and a gent — and they will be finishing off their 2017 projects as well.  They won’t get fired this year.  Once this load is done the kiln needs to be refurbished with new elements and such.  I could use a little refurbishment myself so when the last class has raised a glass of Christmas cheer I’m stepping away from the clay.  Don’t intend to do anything that requires an apron until mid-January.  I’m hoping that the new elements and the seasonal break will give me some needed inspiration.  

Hard at work finishing up!


In the meantime … just want to say thank you for your kindness and support.  It was really wonderful to run into you at the Christmas shows, the grocery stores, at the bank even,  and hear you say you like to read these little bits.  I’m going to start working on a piece of fiction in the New Year (going to put it out a chapter at a time) so we’ll have something else to talk about besides pots!

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Love to you all, and if you’re in the neighbourhood and still need a ‘pot’ for Christmas, I’m open ’til Friday!


Susan McD