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I’ve heard tales that elephants will mourn a lost member of the herd; that they will return to the place of death even years later and hold a vigil of sorts.  Like an elephant I find myself in that same place of mourning.  


It could be because Stuart McLean died yesterday.  It could be because I miss the thought of Leonard Cohen (not his music, I’ve got lots of that), and it could be that because members of my own tribe are working their way to a place that I cannot follow, yet.  


I am a very lucky woman.  Over the years I have been surrounded by very strong loving women who have helped me through all kinds of things.  Marriage break ups, kids, weddings.  They’ve encouraged me through all of the stages of my life.  Even when I made drastic changes which might not have looked terribly sensible at the time.  It’s been amazing.  But here we are.  Most of us in our sixties and upward.  Some have left — leaving huge gaps in the psychic fabric of our lives.  We stand on the precipice like those elephants.  Never forgetting.  


So, to my friends who are going and gone, much love always.  


To those of you still here fighting the good fight, filling days and nights with pain and laughter — we carry on — just like a herd of elephants — have new adventures, eat stuff we haven’t tried, travel to far away places, and bring younger elephants into the fold.  What else is there to do?  Maybe if we’re lucky we start to see the sense in it all.  Become lighter.  Maybe.  


On some days it does make sense to me.  We have to move on.  Learn what we need to learn.  Share what we need to share.  Other days are no so clear.  


Hope you’re having a great day,


Susan McD