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Yes, it’s the end of a saga.  The saga of the mouse in the house.  We found him (alive) in a DeWalt tool box and he was released into the wild … and unless his relatives were out there waiting for him waving flags, I’m sure he’s become somebody’s dinner.  Felt like a bit of a rat but you know one mouse leads to another.  (Did you see the article about the woman who had 600 tame rats in her house?  Animal control had to clear them out!)  Another mystery solved!


Clearing the office — with a little help!

In fact, this has been a day of solved mysteries.  I’ve been rearranging the studio and office (again!) because Gary wanted his desk back (the rat!).  You know what happens when you do that.  Things I’d been looking for, for ages, just popped up.  The wreaths from last Christmas (not the one just past, the one before … spent a minor fortune on them, and couldn’t imagine where I’d put them.  What was the logic of putting them with office stuff?), the molds for the feet I’m putting on my next teapots (can’t figure out the logic for keeping them in with the office stuff either … was I just passing by and put them in a drawer?), and my dry erase markers, which were buried at the back of the desk drawer.  Like magic, eh?  Next project will be going through the art supplies, and god only knows what I will find there!


So now I’m heading off to trim a couple of teapots, put on the lotus feet (from the mold), and carry on.  I’ll post pictures of them when they’re together.  Going to start putting cane handles on teapots again.  Had an ‘ah ha” moment recently when looking for a new kettle.  My old kettle has this lovely curvy goose neck so it’s very easy to fill a teapot with a ceramic handle.  The new kettles have stubby little pour spouts which are almost impossible to get past a handle that’s over the top of the opening.  Something else to think about …



Hope you’re having a great day!

Susan McD