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Actually didn’t know whether to make the title of this blurb “I missed you”, or “two funerals and a heart attack”.  Both are true.

Yes, that’s me, looking through a gap at the Hore Abbey in Cashel.  That’s where the two funerals were.  I missed the first one.  It happened a few days before Gwen’s family was expecting everyone to appear for her (second) full funeral in Cashel.  It was her last wish to have a grand party and her ashes spread on the Rock of Cashel.  She got both of her wishes and then some.  I could go on and on about the coincidences (is there such a thing?) surrounding both events, but suffice it to say that it was a send off unlike anything else I have ever seen (and I now plan to send my ashes to Cashel as well.  My family doesn’t even need to accompany them.  They throw a grand funeral there!).  But it was double the sadness … her husband’s brother died just two weeks before (in Cashel as well) the planned funeral, so the family had that funeral to arrange and go through before we even got there.  Then the stress of all of these events led to what might have been another tragedy when the 85 year old mother and matriarch of the family had a heart attack a few days after Gwen’s funeral.  Luckily a family member (Gwen’s son Jonathan) had CPR and did a fine rescue.  


In between funerals and hospital visits we managed to get in a few treks around Ireland … so I’ve been up and down and all around Cashel, seen castles and the seaside, the last stop of the Titanic, and more.  In fact, from one day to the next I never knew where I’d end up!

Downtown Cashel

Castle on the Rock, Cashel

Castle ruins, Cashel

St. Patrick’s Well

Last port of the Titanic

I did miss you though, as well as my hubbie, my dogs, and my pots!  I wandered through God only knows how many ‘gift’ shops and places that carried pottery — bought myself a fantastic piece — and have lots of ideas for the future (some of which I wrote down when they occured, other’s now but a dream!).  The day today was spent clearing away the stuff in the studio.  I have about a dozen firings to do over the next couple of weeks, and classes start back up again next week!  I’ve had to hit the ground running … but it will be great to see everyone again … and get back to my somewhat familiar routine.


Then, there’s also this — 

There’s still a few spaces left on the 12th.  The 11th is filled!  Get in touch right away if you’re interested.  It should be fun (and if it’s not, we won’t do it again!).


Hope your day is filled with kindness … and perhaps a little sunshine.  I missed that too over in Ireland (where I witnessed the first hurricane in 100 years, followed by Storm Brian!).  

Be well,

Susan McD