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Well, for a change, that does not mean that I am actually moving house!  Just that I’m changing focus and finally selling my pottery wheels.  Why sell the wheels?  Because if they are sitting there I can not help myself from actually using them, or teaching throwing, and my poor shoulders suffer every time!

It’s a hard one.  Didn’t realize how hard I was clinging onto this part of my pottery experience until the last little bit.  First it was one shoulder that decided it wouldn’t cooperate — but I said to myself, “self, there are one armed potters out there, surely you can do it with one good shoulder,’ and that might have been true if I hadn’t been so hard on the other one already!  The extra burden on the other shoulder, which had already had previous injuries, has created a bit of a shit show in that one too — so, I’m biting the bullet and removing the wheels from the studio so I won’t be tempted.  Doesn’t mean I’m giving up on pots yet — just the wheels.  

Wheels in a row — ready to be cleaned up for sale!

It’s the end of an era for me.  I’ve been throwing pots for nigh on twenty years and it’s a hard habit (maybe even an addiction) to break.  

So glad I’ve got a great slab roller!

Hope you’re having a great day!