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That’s me … I’m not really a production potter (more, a potter who produces lots of stuff) so I’m not usually glazing for days, or making glazes for days either!  This week I’ve been doing both, and I have to tell you, they’re not my favorite things!


What do I like?  Making stuff!  Making lots of stuff!  Throwing pots, throwing handles, weird appendages, tall feet — forms that haunt my nights, colors that dance in front of my eyes (like “visions of sugarplums”, only clay …), applique’s and gold rims — everything but the mundane stuff that goes into running a studio or putting work into galleries and shows.


I need my own set of elves.  Some that will come into the studio and finish things up to match the visions in my head (which is something I can’t even seem to do myself at times!).  Or, even to clear away the mess I make when I’m glazing — slips and slops on the floor, trimming bits that have flown in the ten directions, and the sink full of brushes, plastic pots and pails — wouldn’t it be grand!  Thought of a co-op student (had a FABULOUS co-op student a couple of years ago who was almost as good as an elf) but the studio is going to be full of pottery students come September so I’m not sure where I’d put one!  Maybe if they did mornings?


Anyway, it’s a fine whine.  But, here I am, in the cool of the basement, and the glazing is done.  The glazes are made for the Fall, and I’ve put enough test pieces in this batch to give me some nice surprises (I hope).


Classes are filled for September (one slot left, handbuilding on Thursdays) and my poor little brain is fried already!  I have about a week’s worth of firing to do before I fill up with student work and the damp cupboard is full of stuff to be trimmed.  Going to work a rest into there somewhere … maybe this weekend I’ll just go find a beach.  Lie on the sand.  Sip something cool and refreshing.  Maybe (or maybe I’ll just keep loading the kiln!).


Hope you are well,