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All packed! Just about ready to go ...

All packed! Just about ready to go …

Here we go again.  Taking the show on the road.  TODAY!


It’s the Mayor’s Gala for the Arts in Bowmanville.  Somehow I’ve managed to become part of the entertainment!  So I’ll be throwing pots in a formal gown … you should come.  It will be a hoot.


How did this happen, you might ask?  While I’m in the midst of two kiln loads of work to process?  That’s a very good question!  Seems I didn’t notice the backlog on the calendar when I said I’d do all of this stuff … I need a secretary.  One who will work for free and doesn’t mind washing the studio floors.  I will provide the occasional cup of tea and some decent music.  Must like dogs and the smell of kilns firing.  What do you think?  Any volunteers?


Be well,