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That’s me today.  What is it about a cold in the head that makes us turn into whiners?  I’ve been through major surgery with more bravado … and I’m taking every natural and unnatural remedy you could think of.  My head is still full of you know what!  Even cancelled classes for today (which I’ll have to make up later).  Only good thing about it is I’m catching up on my paperwork … invites are out for the Open House (hope you got one, if you didn’t let me know!), my regular newsletter is done and out with Mail Chimp, and I’m thinking about where all of the Christmas ornaments, etc., are.  Seems truly weird to be thinking about Christmas ornaments when it’s like Spring out there –in fact I’ve got dandelions in bloom again!


Another thing that seems to happen with a head cold is you don’t give a flying you know what about the state of the union or any of that other stuff cluttering up our airwaves with drech.  I’ve thawed out some chicken soup, Leonard Cohen is on the ipod (nothing better than Leonard when your are feeling sorry for yourself).  I’m going to try and do some light reading (like Rainbow Painting by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche — bet you thought I was going to say Diana Gabaldon).  I’d have a nap if I could breathe laying down (can you hear the whining self pity there?).


Firing the Wood Kiln!

Firing the Wood Kiln!

So, how did this happen?  We did a wood firing on the weekend and it was a killer firing.  The darn thing did not want to get up to temperature.  Everyone worked hard and long.  Even Gary joined in at the end … I already had a bit of a sniffle, and you know what getting overtired does to you.  EVERYONE was absolutely bushed.  The only good thing is that the cold has taken the attention off of any aches and pains I might have had from all of this unusual physical activity.  I’ve made a pledge to myself to get into better shape by spring.  If I want to keep up the pace, got to get ready for the race, eh?


And speaking of drech on the airwaves, some of it I can’t actually ignore.  You probably know that I post my blogs, etc., on Facebook quite a bit.  It’s been a very good venue for me.  Most of my students have found me that way and I can spread the word about open houses, etc., pretty easily.  The downside to it though is all of the false news that we get through that source, and like many of you I’ve unfriended people who aren’t somewhat like minded so I’m getting a pretty skewed view of what’s real.  Before you make any judgements about what’s going on though I’d like you to listen to my favorite potter Roberto Lugo.  Now, you’d wonder how an older white woman like me would be interested in Roberto.(see his website), but I came across Roberto through Facebook and NCECA, and his words just resonate.  At some point I’m going to meet him in person, and I’m going to tell him to his face that he opened my eyes to things I hadn’t seen before, that I didn’t notice from this little hamlet of Frankford (or Port Hope before that), that now when I see a person at the grocery store or wherever that’s not familiar I actually smile, might even ask them how they are.  If one person like #Roberto #Lugo can do that through social media, just imagine what it would be like if we all got off our self-centred behinds and shared something real.

Maybe it’s the snotty head speaking … but give Roberto a listen, and see what you think.


Hope you’re having a great day, and yes, we need a machine that kills hate …


Susan McD