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Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t.


I can tell when it’s worked … I want to take everything and give it away.  This one would be perfect for Gwen, and this one would be perfect for Charles, etc., etc. (I don’t do it, who could make a living that way?  But, the temptation is there!)  And then there’s the one’s that didn’t — crap flung from the sides, glazes retracted, etc., etc.


In this kiln load, I had a bit of both.  I was jumping up and down with this bunch:



More cups!

More cups!

Charles' red.

Charles’ red.


And then this experiment retracted from the clay, like it had wings!

Cup that didn't work, poor thing!

Cup that didn’t work, poor thing!

It's been tamed!

It’s been tamed!


It has now had it’s sharp bits scraped off

and will be donated to Susan Lago’s

collection of interesting things!


Dragon's Tear.

Dragon’s Tear.


And then there’s this bowl … with a lovely dragon’s tear on the the side.  Potters dream of drips like this, that don’t make a mess on the kiln shelf and know when to quit.  Had three of four with this load.  Just yummy!


Now the kiln is firing again as I write.  Three REALLY goofy fairy bath things (sometimes you just have to get out of your own rut), and some jugs made at the Tony Clennell workshop eon’s ago.  It’s taken me this long to have room for them in the kiln!  Be interesting to see how they turn out.  I think the glaze was a little thin.  Oh well, back to praying.  Or, maybe I’ll just make some more stuff.  Either way, who has more fun than me, eh?


Hope you’re having a great day,


Susan McD

A little secular prayer song to brighten the day …