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There are as many views about reincarnation as there are people who think them … a dictionary might explain it as the rebirth of a soul in a new body, or a person or animal in whom a particular soul is believed to have been reborn, or maybe a new version of something from the past.

But, the mouse in my house?  He’s pulled an Arnie on me … 
 He’s crawling overy my desk, art supplies, and somehow up through my gas stove (very determined creature, this guy!).  Of course he looks exactly like the one we’ve trapped and sent out into the cruel world.  For some reason he now seems to skip the pantry (all of the really good stuff is gone, and he doesn’t like processed food), and he manages to eat the peanut butter in the traps without actually being caught.  My guess is, he’s a reincarnation of the first mouse.  He seems to know all of his tricks!
And speaking of reincarnation.  Did you see this piece by Anja Hertle?
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Quite of a few of my pieces were transformed into this piece … parts of the tree, and the blue suit, have come from my collection of rejected pots.  They’ve definitely been reincarnated into something more than the original piece … so much fun, eh?  Her Spring Mosaic Workshops are coming up.  If you want to come give it a try pick a date: March 25th, April 22nd, May 22nd and June 24th, pick a project and check out her website www.anjahertle.com.  Should be good fun.
I’m going to start working on that mess of paper for tax time … the price we pay for living in such a great place and time. Will try to make it a positive experience with a great cup of herbal tea or maybe even a coffee.  The alternative might be reincarnation, but I might not be ready for that today.
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Hope you’re enjoying this glorious day!
Susan McD