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There’s a rumour going around that we are moving.  It’s a rumour no more, we can actually consider that a fact now!

You see, I finally have the perfect kitchen:

                        Perfect Kitchen

And the perfect bathroom:






You’ve seen the pictures of the family room and my studio — which are also complete.

Of course, now is the time to move!

We’re headed up the Bruce Peninsula to a small place called ‘Tara’, right on the Sauble River.  I know, how lucky is that, eh?  Another water view!

                           River view

All of our kids have made the immediate area their home — one in Southampton, one in Port Elgin, one in Sauble, and one in Listowel.  What are the chances of that?  Here we are on the opposite site of the big smoke (Toronto) which makes it murder if we want to get together for holidays, etc.  

It’s going to be heart-breaking to leave all of my fabulous and wonderful friends, students, and clients (AGAIN!), and I’m going to have to start over with the studio, etc., just after I’ve spent a small fortune to spread the word that I’m here.  But, I’m looking forward to spending time with grand-kids, kids, their spouses (which are also fabulous), and finding my way around another neighborhood.  I’ve heard there are some great potters up there and I’m looking forward to making their acquaintance too.

In the meantime, we are going a little mad getting the house, studio, garage and drive shed ready for viewing.  Geez!  How did we accumulate so much stuff (and so much art!).  It’s just amazing.  We’ve only been here three years (coming up four), I cleared most of the clutter-like things when we moved here from Port Hope, but it’s grown exponentially!  Just so much stuff!  How does that happen?  The good news is that the new house has a great space for a studio and a perfect place for the office, etc., and the bedrooms are so pretty I may just Air B&B them!  So, if you want to sleep over and make some pots …

I’m going to have a big sale in April or May.  Everything will be half price.  I’ll let you know in plenty of time when it will be happening.  It will be worth the drive to Frankford!  I may even break out a couple of bottles of wine and we can make it a going away party!

I’ll keep you updated.  Have to write a piece on NCECA (conference I was at last week).  It was soooo inspiring.  

I’m teaching this evening (some very enthusiastic potters!) so that’s something to look forward to.  I am going to miss these people …

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day.  

Much love,

Susan McD