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It happens every year at this time (tax time, that is).  My husband and I turn into lunatics getting stuff together for the tax return and then drive each other around the bend waiting to hear from the accountant about how much we’ll have to ante up.  Things get tense and terse.  Well it’s over!  Survived another one.

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Along with my own return to sanity comes the realization that, no, I don’t really want to get up at the crack of dawn to do farmers’ markets, or lug cases of pots around the province!  I mean, really, I should post my cronological age on the palms of my right hand … so I’d remind myself that the shoulder doesn’t want to do that any more, and neither does my trusy assistant (who would be my long-suffering husband, who would rather be sailing!).  

I have been planning to do a retreat in June with one of my root teachers (Lama Mark Webber) at the Dharma Centre and so most of my classes with beginners, etc., are done by June.  I kind of let some students talk me into carrying on with them until the end of June — but one of my brilliant sons (I have two of them) has told me in the past that I’m not running a democracy.  Sometimes I forget that!  Anyway, I’ll have to stick to my guns — because Lama Mark is now proposing to come for two weeks instead of one, and may have Ontul Rinpoche as a guest.  What’s a poor potter to do, eh?  


I’m going to concentrate on having an Open House here at the studio at the beginning of June.  I think I’m setting it for Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4 — maybe noon to 4:00.  I’ll keep you updated.  I’m going to set aside an area for work that needs to move on (maybe 30% discount?) and another area for the special things that have come from the kiln, my favorite pieces that I’m going to find difficult to part with … There will be lots to choose from if you have weddings or showers or such coming up.

                     You can’t miss it!

Then I’m going to put my energies into the Frankford Pottery Fest.  I’ve got some ideas, and you know what I’m like once I get my mind going.  I promised Quinte West at least a thousand people through the park … so there’s lots of work to do on that one too!


Hope you’re enjoying this fabulous day, and that tax season is passing with ease …


Susan McD