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Yes, I’m shameless.


Things are a little hairy out there I know (maybe even a little orange hairy), but it’s time for some shameless self promotion.  That’s right.  My Open Studio is coming up soon.  And, if I don’t tell you about it, who’s going to be here, how to get here even — how can you come?  You’d miss the home-made scones, the steeped tea, the mulled wine — in fact, you’d miss it all.  That would be a shame!


Who’s going to be here?


Terrie MacDonald is coming with her fabulous work in fabric. Her wool scarfs are tightly wrapped with various leaves and flowers from her garden. Then they are steamed for several hours.  The print and colour of the foliage is permanently transferred to the fabric. Each scarf is unique — a labour of love!  If you’re a scarf collector you’re going to be thrilled with her work.  And, Terrie is also an accomplished potter.  Her work is absolutely beautiful, and reflective of her garden as well … I’m one of her biggest fans!


Charles Funnell is coming, and if you haven’t seen his work you are going to be stunned.  He does amazing things with silver and precious stones, has been in national and international shows, and I’m one of his biggest fans!


And, of course, I’ll be showing my new work … I’m in the midst of the ‘ancient series’ (thank you for your orders already!), have new wood fired work, a new line that I’m calling my ‘wind’ series (the Celtic symbol for wind signifies change), and my art watercolor and ink pieces will be shown upstairs — so you’ll get to see the new kitchen!


I know that things seem a little rough right now.  We’re not sure how things are going to unfold with our neighbours to the south (at least the stock market has recovered already …), but that doesn’t mean we put our lives on hold.  It feeds the soul to look at and feel beautiful hand-made work made by artisans who are committed to their craft.  That’s what we’ll provide you with, along with some fine music and conversation.  What could be better?


Share the poster if you don’t mind — and come on out and see me.  We’re not hard to find.  Just take the 401 to Trenton, go north on the Glen Miller exit until you come to the Frankford sign, then make an immediate left onto Hanna Lane.  (Don’t use Google Map — who knows where that will take you …)  Our house is on the left, and there are only two on the lane.  You can’t miss us!


Letting sleeping dogs lay.

Letting sleeping dogs lay.

Hope you are having a great day.  My dogs are napping together, so life is good!


Susan McD

Don’t mind the fuzzy invitation … will get that sorted out tomorrow!