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All about the pots, that is!  


Feels like it’s been an extended vacation.  It was such a mad dash getting everyone’s pots ready for Christmas that I didn’t much feel like getting back to work when the company left.  In fact, I kind of invited more — probably so I wouldn’t have to decide what to do next!


4 wheels! How cozy …

I started the giant clearing of clutter yesterday and made room for the ‘new’ borrowed wheel.  I had already done some cleaning for the studio open house in November, so this wasn’t quite as horrific as it could have been.  It’s going to be cozy, and I had to move the slab roller AGAIN.  Seems like that’s all I do … move that bloody heavy slab roller around the studio.  It should be on wheels!  It could be worse.  At least I have a slab roller …



So, once I dug out the slab roller I thought I might as well use it (it was covered in glazing stuff from the last session).  Used up some of the really stiff clay I had laying around to make fish platters.  These aren’t platters that look like fish — they are platters to serve fish.  I received a beautiful fish platter and serving implements as a wedding gift, and it’s something I’ve actually used (lots of other things kind of got lost somewhere along the way), so I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for some serving forks/knives to go with the platters and turn them into a set too.


Small teapot

Had to try out the ‘new’ wheel too, so I threw a little teapot (little being the operative term).  The wheel has a different feel from my Shimpo’s and that will take a little getting used to, but it certainly works just fine.  I had forgotten how noisy a regular wheel is though.  Will have to turn up the music!  The pot will have a cane handle, and because the clay is bright white I might even do something loopy with the surface.  Have to sleep on it.  Maybe it needs feet too.



By the way, regular classes for returning students start next week … going to be great to catch up with everyone.  Seems like months since they’ve been here (it’s only weeks really), and they’re always good for some inspiration.  Check out the ‘EVENTS’ section of the website.  There are some great weekend programs coming up.


So, I’m kind of in pre-production.  Give me a week or two and there should be pots coming out the wazoo.  Heading for the ‘Big Smoke’ tomorrow though.  Going to a girls afternoon of Matilda — presume there will be lots of screaming girls, mothers, aunties and grans.  I’ll fit in there somewhere!


Hope you’re having a great day too!


Susan McD