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I know it’s Christmas in a few days, but my head is already looking towards March.  Why?  Because I’m a potter (or ceramic artist, depending on the day …), and I’m getting ready for a show with #Lindsay Anderson and #Brenda Sullivan — called #”Three Degrees of Separation” in March.

So, my brain has been on overdrive.  I want to create a new look for the surface of my pieces, and something that is ‘painterly’, somewhat reflective of my work on paper — which means some tests.  I started out thinking I’d throw maybe 100-200 cups and use them as a canvas, so to speak, for the tests.  That would mean throwing like a maniac for a bit, bisquing like mad, and then perhaps having an abundance of cups that might end up as shards for #Anja Hertle‘s mosaics!

Turns out today was very hectic.  Had new appliances delivered, put up new lighting in the dining room, started the clean-up for the Christmas crowd, etc., and then on my drive into Trenton (to pick up some organic wine, must have organic wine for Christmas, eh?) I had a flash of ‘genius’.  Going to start roling out porcelain slabs, make 5×7 test tiles (which could be framed if they turn out well), and will be doing a wall of these tests for the show … and the testing is going to be fierce!  Using soluble colorants like Cupric Chloride — and all kinds of nasty things (anyone have any phosphoric acid?) — I’M SO EXCITED!  I’m hoping that they will come out soft and watercolorish.  I’ve got three or four different kinds of porcelain to try out, a few glazes to use under the colorants, and we’re off to the races.  I’ll be firing to mid and high fire.  There will be lots of notes!  And THEN I’ll use the info to make cups, just not for the show in March!

Anyway, today was a great day to step away from the clay.  I feel better already …


ps … if you want to roll slabs, you know where I am …