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Wow!  I could have sold those wheels a dozen times over … who knew?  They’re all going to good homes, and will be vacating the premises by Thursday.  Then I’m going to actually wash the floors, clear out the clutter, and get ready for the next chapter.  


Now I am excited about the possibilities … every time I say to myself “well, I won’t be able to make that anymore,” my pea like brain comes up with another way to do it, so who know what I’ll be dreaming up now?  


In the meantime, I have these pieces that are heading to the Southampton Art Gallery sometime this week — all hand-built — all bowls (don’t mind the bad pics, just taken while they are waiting to have their bottoms sanded):

Feather Bowl — probably about 13 inches?


Nice big bowl with fab rim … someplace to put your crackers!


The universe slides into your soup!


So there you have it.  It’s not really over — just moving sideways.  I can still make all of tihe usual suspects, and maybe they’ll be tweaked to be as friendly as you guys!


And, speaking of you guys … who has a more compassionate bunch of friends (in person and on FB, Instagram, etc.)?  You guys were soooo concerned (and I thank you for that, my shoulders do too) but I really do not feel like the adventure in clay is over, nor do I feel like I’m going to stop teaching (unless they shut us down again due to Covid).  Just turning on a different part of my brain … hoping to throw in some sculptural stuff at some point too, so who knows, maybe I’ll turn into the Granda Moses of handbuilding!  Wouldn’t that be funny?


Hope you’re having a great day!

Susan McD