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Yes, it’s true.  Hit a deer last night.  Front fender mildly damaged, and the deer is dead.

What went through my head?  Sure wasn’t how many pots I still had to finish for the flurry of shows to come in November … While I was sitting there watching the deer die, I was struck by how fragile everything is.  And how hard I cling to this body, cripes even to my vehicle!  Heck of a shock that.  Not sure that me rolling down the ditch would have saved the deer, but in the flash of the second it took to decide, the deer was done.  Geez, eh?

Now it comes to me to see what the universe is telling me … and how that will be reflected in my daily activities.  Going to let that stew a bit and see what comes.  In the meantime, say a little prayer for the deer with me and we’ll hope that her sacrifice gives her a glorious rebirth.

Be well,