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Show coming in March ...

Show coming in March …

All of the work made it out of the kiln yesterday, and partially glazed today. Will get the rest done tomorrow and then back into the kiln it goes.  Exciting times!

The clays I’ve used for the show are a mix of porcelain and stoneware …
and my theme is experiments with color — generally on white, but not always.  I have pushed my boundaries AGAIN and will be using soluble colorants on top of white glaze for many of my pieces.  Somewhat hazardous to my health, but I am trying to get my ‘painterly’ qualities onto my pots — so some will look like watercolours, and some will look like acrylics, with a few wood fired pots thrown in just to round out the experiment!
Can’t wait to see what’s actually going to happen with the colorants.  I’ve got my respirator and rubber gloves ready!
So, why am I showing with Brenda & Lindsay?  I think it’s the connection between all three of us is — that we’ve known each other for a pretty long time — and that we all like to push our limits and the limits of the clay.  Lindsay’s works push raku to the extreme.  I don’t know how he even gets any of it to survive!  Brenda gets an idea and develops it until it becomes larger than life (somewhat like her personality!), and I am never content.  I wand to develop a cross-over between my painting and my pots.
Deep, eh?    There’s another thing we three potters have in common I guess … A depth of perception!
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