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What a week!  It’s the second week of my six week class … and these newbies have been prolific!  You should see the work I have on the shelves — just waiting to dry out and get into the kiln.  We’ve been working on bowls — first pinch pots and then coiled bowls.  They look fantastic.

Student bowls — small ones almost ready for the kiln!

Every student made two pinch pot bowls — so there’s 24 at various stages of drying that will be ready for the kiln by Saturday night.  There’s also mountains of Christmas ornaments (will post pics when they are done).  I have my own mountain of them to get in and glazed before next Thursday — the Southampton Art Gallery has a Christmas Pop up show from November 22 to December 24.  I don’t know how I’ve managed it, but I’ll be in the usual rush!


Been feeling a little stymied in my own production, so I started to do some teapots for fun … will post pics when I have them together.  I can feel a need for color coming on!  Hoping to try something different … they won’t be ready for Christmas (probably) so there’s no pressure to get them done.  I’m trying the PSH brown clay, see if that gets me revved up.  If not, it’s back to porcelain!


Still doing the no sugar, no grain thing.  It’s been very interesting reading all of the labels and finding out how much sugar (or sugar substitutes) are in everything!  If it’s not white sugar, it’s corn syrup … or agave, or honey — all no no’s.  Quite a gastronomical adventure!  And then onto the grains — WOW.  That shit is everywhere!   Just means that almost everything we eat is totally unprocessed (which also means that I’m doing my own processing!).  It hasn’t been easy, but it hasn’t been hard either.  Any time I feel sorry for myself I just go slather some butter on something (butter is ok!).  So weird.  Upside of it is that I’m not hungry … 


Anway, back to pots!  My schedule is up for the new year, but I may find somewhere in there to add a beginners wheel class.  Hoping to pick up another wheel next month.  I LOVE the Frema wheel from Pottery Supply House.  I don’t know why I’ve never noticed it before.  Soooo stable and sturdy.  I think I found a new love …. sorry Shimpo.  

New wheel — will be used for porcelain until next year!

It’s going to be interesting finding space for another wheel … good thing Gary’s making more space in the carport! 


Hope you’re having a great day.  Mine has been filled with the laughter of new potters.  What could be better?


Be well,

Susan McD