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One of them is making glazes.  I know that some potters think of it as a great adventure.  I think of it as three days of drudgery (because that’s how long it takes if you leave it until you are out of everything!).  I got into this mess way back when I started taking pottery lessons with Edwin Longueville  — because he made his own glazes and actually did a breakdown for me on his whiteboard about the costs of purchased prepared glazes versus glazes made with raw ingredients.  It was a brilliant discussion, but it has tied me down with tons of raw materials (because, of course, you see a glaze in a book or magazine, want to try it, and end up buying more ingredients!).  And now I put it off doing it until it’s a real chore!


Had to get it done though … so I enlisted some help.  Back in the day (say, three, four years ago), I used to have a troupe of potters who would be happy to come and make glazes … we’d turn it into a day, we’d all make glazes and help each other.  Then, I moved a bit further away and that became less frequent … and THEN I moved about 4 hours away, and that was the end of that!  So here he is, my trusty glaze assistant …

Gary … glazing … see how neat he is?

Hardly a drop on the floor …

When my buddies and I did it, we had glaze everywhere!  I think we even slopped it in our mouths!  Not to mention one of my other trusty assistants ending up in hospital (black-fly bites, we did our glazing outdoors!).  Gary’s using running water INSIDE.  That’s an upgrade we would have killed for!


Now the glazes are done for the classes starting next week.  I was actually scraping the bottom of the bucket for the past couple of months, but now we are all set.  I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and I’m going to start making the demo pieces today … going to pinch some bowls and some little animals and coil some bowls.  Will leave the slab making for a couple of weeks (don’t want to get too far ahead!).


On a non-pottery note, I’m on my 5th day without sugar or non-complex carbs.  Very glad I’m starting it this week and not next!  Who knew how much stuff had sugar in it?  I’ll keep you posted on whether I start frothing at the mouth (or become slightly homicidal).  It is very strange … I’ve discovered I’m not that fond of coffee (or tea even) without a teaspoon of sugar.  I thought I was addicted to caffeine maybe, guess not.  It’s the darn sugar!  I’ll see what happens after a couple of weeks.  Maybe I’ll get used to it … 


Heading to the studio.  Will take pics and talk to you later,

Be well,

Susan McD