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And, the story goes like this.  A man goes to the wise man of his village and says he can’t take it, his house is toooooo small.  So the wise man tells him to bring his dog into the house with him, then his goat, then his cow, and so on and so on … then, when he’s still complaining he has him take all of the animals out, one a day, one at a time … until the house is empty (and I supposed cleaned up) again.  And, he’s very happy, loves his house, and so on, and so on.   I remember reading this story to my kids when they were small (maybe even my grandson), making all of the animal noices …


Today, that’s how I feel about my studio (you knew there had to a moral to the story, eh?).  All of the wheels are gone.  The floor has been cleaned and most of the spashes from the wheel throwers are off the wall (You know who you are …) and now the studio seems BIG!




You could swing a cat (although why you’d want to is beyond me) and the room seems full of possibilities.  I even mopped the glaze room.  May as well start fresh!  Now I’m wondering whether I just want to keep all of this space to myself … lucky I have time to find out — as the car port is under construction and I’ll have no kiln until it’s finished.  Mr. Mac is doing it all by himself so it may be a while, but it will be a dang fine job!


I have visions of slip making and strange pots in my head … 


Meanwhile, sales in the Showroom have been brisk!  What a lucky potter I am!


Hope you’re having a great day,

Susan McD