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That’s what they did.  The kiln gods (or goddesses … I think of gods as genderless, but there you go …) that is.  The firing came out perfectly.  The very large jugs — way too big for my photo booth — not only survived, they look loverly.  The fairy baths would make any fairy proud …

Jugs ... almost too big for the kiln!

Jugs … almost too big for the kiln!

Had to photo outside, but that's where they belong anyway!

Had to photo outside, but that’s where they belong anyway!









All the other little bits and pieces (nephews works of art, etc.) also came out without any great incidents … like adhering to the shelves or anything like that.  You could hear the godlike chuckles in your sleep …


But, just to show that they really are gods (think Roman or Greek, maybe even Chinese) with a sick sense of humour, my Mom was admitted to Sunnybrooke last night.  So this little blog will be short and sweet.  Have some appointments this afternoon, and then I’m heading into Toronto.  She’s going to be ok, but there’s lots to do and think about.  You know how it is for this generation of the squeeze!


Hope you’re having a great day …

Susan McD