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Excel madness ... yearly pain in the butt!

Excel madness … yearly pain in the butt!

It’s sad, but true.  I have a t-shirt that gives a list of all of the things that potters do, like throwing and glazing, and adds on all of the other things like garbage pick-up, photographing, marketing, advertising, etc.  But, of all of the things that potters do the least favorite for most of us is — the bloody accounting!  Especially year end and tax time.  Never mind the fact that you could go blind trying to enter a whole year’s worth of stuff into Excel … this is the time of year that I am reminded that I should have been keeping better track of all of this stuff throughout the year.


I always have the best of intentions.  I have a great blue basket that I diligently put my receipts into (when I remember), and I’ve got two or three accordion files that I intend to put things into either by month, or alphabetically, or into topics or something!  I used to be very good at this kind of stuff … even did it for a living, kind of, back in the day when I was managing and organizing everything/everyone that came within reach.  But “something happened on the way to the forum,” so to speak, and I turned into an artsy fartsy.  I used to laugh at people like me (there’s karma for you).  People who get caught up in an inspiration and lose track of other things — like dental appointments or cream for coffee.  It seems I’ve crossed over … or at least it seems like that at this time of year!


Figure only two more days to go at this stuff and I can get back into the studio.  Oh wait, forgot, it’s Easter this weekend and the family is coming on Friday … well, maybe the grandson likes accounting.  I know he’s good at math!


Be well,