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It’s happened!  I’ve been sucked into a vortex.  Forget ‘Twilight Zone.’  The Zone is here …


Concentrating very hard!

Concentrating very hard!

Classes started this week.  People showed up.  Paid for their classes.  And, that was it.  Time disappeared.  Every three hour chunk of time gone — in what seemed like minutes.  Such concentration.  Such stamina.  Such laughter!  You should have been here!  I don’t know how it happens.  Every time I get a new batch of students it’s like I set a bait, and only the best fish snag the line.  They’re engaged and enthusiastic — some even want to sign up for November already, and they’ve only had one class!  Geez, Louise!


Should have seen us on Wednesday night.  Just around 8:20 the hydro went off.  Really off.  We’re in the basement.  It’s DARK.  Did they panic?  Not a bit!  We had a good laugh, I found some candles, and they cleaned their wheels in the dark (did a mighty fine job too!).  Had to cut off work and pack things up to candle light.  Very romantic … and you can tell these women love their clay …


So, this time warp thing … It’s real.  Now that the first week is finished, my bearings are off.  Can’t find anything … and they put it all away in the right place (have to train them right from the start), it’s just me.  Couldn’t find the camera.  Cancelled and rebooked massage for the same day.  Head out to do something and find the office closed.  And so on.  Good thing it’s the weekend.  Going to get up tomorrow, sip some coffee on the deck, and chill for a couple of hours.  Then maybe I’ll hit the studio and make my own mess.  If you’re free, you can come clean up after!


Hope you’re having a great day!

Susan McD