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Yes.  It’s the season to be jolly, and perhaps, a mite exhausted!  I went to bed last night at 7:30.  Skipped the Friday night hockey game (not such a hardship when it’s bloody cold out), had a night cap of sleepy tea, and hit the hay.  Got up this morning at 9:30.  Could hardly believe it myself …  I’m hoping this will give me some immunity to the yearly cold/flu that hits about this time of the year.  So far my friends (and students) have been dropping like flies.  Flu’s, colds, strep throat (yuk to all of that!), and in spite of running around like a headless chicken I have so far escaped their fate.  Could be the massive amounts of Vit D I take, the fabulous multi, the candied ginger I munch on, or many other things that are in the household repertoire, but I’ll take it!  Going to watch out for signs of exhaustion too (which in my case manifests as wanting to leave home, or muzzle the dogs).  At least all of the pottery stuff is DONE.  And I mean truly done.


Just one classe now until mid-January.  No workshops until the end of January.  No shows.  No fuss.  Everything from now until then is just social … Christmas with the kids (kids is a loose term, they are in their 40’s), friends to hang out with — maybe even meet for a fluffy coffee, movies to see, books to read.  I’m not going to do anything the least bit constructive for at least two weeks (I know, you’ve heard me say this before).  The house is as clean as it’s going to get, the prezzies are just about wrapped up, I’m not doing ANY Christmas baking … in fact, you might even think I was on strike!  


I’m dropping my Mom at my brother’s on Wednesday (she’s been here for a while), heading to Currie’s on the way back just for the hell of it, skipping past Costco and all of the other stores, doing my last class on Thursday with my ‘intermediates’ (which will include wine/tea/munchies) and THEN it’s feet up Mother Brown … 


There are so many people who’ve moved on this year to their next life — and it’s also the season to miss them.  It can’t be helped.  So a shout out to them wherever they may be, and a shout out to those of you still here.  I’m so glad you are!


I hope you’re getting some rest too, and enjoying this lovely winter weather.  It’s glorious out here right now — sky’s blue, snow’s white, air is crisp and clear.  I’ve got two dogs curled up here waiting for me to finish so they can have a treat or two.  It’s a great life if we don’t weaken, eh? 


Much love,

Susan McD