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Broke down and cleared the Christmas clutter today.  Usually I get right to it on New Year’s Day but for some reason I couldn’t make myself do it.   I went crazy this year and actually put up 4 (yes, really, 4) trees of various sizes around the house.  I’m not usually this obsessive (normally just 2 — one in the living room and one in the den) but it was our first Christmas here and I thought we’d make it special.  So it took me a couple of days to get everything up, and about three hours to get it all down!  Why is that?  It’s the emotional investment that goes into the decorating … so here it goes.

Christmas tree in living room

Christmas tree in sun room










The tree in the sun room had all of the ornaments on it that people had given me over the years — which means that there had to be a chuckle or a couple of tears over every bloody piece.  There’s the “best friends” ornaments from Carole (who’s been dead about 10 years now I suppose), present toppers from Gwen and Cheryl, which I keep and put on the tree.  (At least Cheryl is still alive, even if she is now miles and miles away.)  Bits and pieces from kids and other buddies, travels with the grandson, etc.   So there’s a little melancholy that goes with this season, and memories of all of the people who are gone. Luckily it’s not the same when I’m packing it all up!  No, then it’s “get this crap back into the bins!”.  Such funny beings, us humans, eh?  

Today we reclaimed the house, dusted, vacuumed and moved furniture.  I’ve moved my area for painting over by the sun room so I can actually work in natural light, got rid of a printer that no longer works (so much more room on the desk) and worked on the Spring Schedule for pottery lessons.  At this point I have 5 spots left for the session that starts in MARCH.  Can you believe it?  This is an amazing place for classes … one ad on Facebook way back in September has filled the classes (along with word of mouth, of course).  Everyone was so pleased with their work in the last session, and you know how that works out!

Hand-building class

Hand-building class 








Great when everybody’s happy!  I’m looking forward to starting work on the wheel with some of these students.  It’s going to be fun, and a big change from the hand-building.

Tonight it’s off to Curling.  Who would believe that, eh?  It’s very funny — I am NOT good at it, but so far everyone’s been very patient.  I’m looking for a dance class of some kind, always wanted to do it and I’m not getting any younger, and somewhere to sing.  I am a lousy but very enthusiastic singer, so maybe a choir that’s hard up for bodies?  The thing is, I have to put some roots down here where we live.  We had been in the Port Hope/Trenton area for about thirty years and had created quite a strong family of friends, but we are here for the long term now so we may as well get planted!  

Wishing you all a great 2019 filled with lots of art and pots!

Much love,

Susan McD