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                   This is how I felt …

This photo was taken mid-day somewhere between Southampton and Port Elgin.  Can you believe it?  What a friggin’ winter this has been!  This was yesterday …


You haven’t heard from me in a while, blog wise at least.  I know, it’s not like me to not have much to say … and as far as Tara is concerned, I really don’t have much to complain about (besides the weather) — but, boy, could I go on and on about that!  In fact, I’ve started to bore myself … so, as you can see in that picture, there is some sun.  It’s just having a hard time shining through.  Luckily, I don’t live on the lake so that same day it was like this here …

             View off the back deck.

And today we have this …

Horses enjoying the day.

Melting all on it’s own!






So there’s hope!


What else have I been up to besides whining about weather?  I’ve been working on a mug commission.  It’s reminded me why I don’t take commissions … and it’s the beginning of a series of commissions.  I must have been feeling purposeless or something. I’ve got cups with trucks on them to do, teabowls in the black clay, bowls in the black clay, etc., etc.  And the classes are booked up now until the end of June.  It’s like there was a hole here in Tara that needed a potter.  

                Waiting to be fired.


I didn’t get as much done this winter (pottery wise) as I thought I was going to (what a surprise) so I’m going to have to move my little buns and get down to work.  It’s hard though … my son tells me I’m waiting for inspiration.  I have lots of inspiration (cripes, I can even dream about pots and paintings), it’s getting myself into the studio that’s the problem.  We don’t get up at the crack of dawn, and we kill a few hours drinking coffee and reading, then it’s dogs and dishes, and so on.  By the time that routine is done it’s almost noon!  When my full class schedule gets going in March I’ll be teaching 4-5 classes a week, mostly ’til 9:00 pm, then I’ll have an excuse for lollygagging until noon, but I’ve had no such excuse over the winter … now I’ll have to make up for lost time while I’m teaching.  Oh well.  I guess I do better in a crunch!


We’ll be planning the studio showroom soon … that will take pots and paintings for sure!  I’m certain that once the drywall and lighting is done in there I’ll be eager to fill the shelves.  I’m going to put in a small fridge so that I do some herbal stuff too.  With any luck I’ll turn into a country Herma’s.  Wouldn’t that be a hoot?


I hope you’re doing well and that the sunshine is giving you a boost.  I just got in from walking the dogs so I could soak up some Vitamin D!


Be well,

Susan McD