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I know, the rest of that is “where, oh where, is my little dog gone …”, what I really want to know is where has the TIME gone?  It’s only 3 and a bit weeks until classes start up … and for those of you with kids, until School goes back in.  I know, REALLY?


Making glazes ... almost done!

Making glazes … almost done!


So I have been gearing up production … making glazes, throwing pots, firing, waxing, etc., etc., because once the studio fills with students it’s hard to get my own work done (and there’s no room for a pile up!).  And there has to be a clean up at some point — probably the Labour Day Weekend!


Cups piling up!

Cups piling up!

Cleaning and prepping kiln shelves

Cleaning and prepping kiln shelves.

Work waxed and waiting for glaze.

Work waxed and waiting for glaze.


It’s a whirlwind for sure … but what isn’t, eh?  And, how lucky am I?  While I’m working away here (in my air-conditioned comfort) I am so grateful.  Back at the old studio in Port Hope I wouldn’t be able to work at all.  I MELT in heat, brain turns to fudge, everything swells (more info than you need, I know) but here, with the studio in the basement, it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  What could be better?  And, all of this glorious coolness has allowed me to keep dreaming of new things to make.  When I get too chilled I go out and watch the grass fry.  How amazing is that?


I’m about to embark on a new adventure as well.  I have visions of new pots floating in my head, and I’m starting the experimentation now.  You’re probably tired of hearing that, but I’ll show you the beginning of it when the next firing is done.


Hope you’re keeping cool too.  If not, come and see me.  I’ll pour you some cool water and show you some pots!