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Yes, WTF.  I need a ‘WTF’ button … like the button at the bottom of the landing page for ‘Ello’ that gives instructions and answers questions.


One of my best friends has cancer and a very nasty diagnosis.  WTF.  Just found out yesterday that her sister also has cancer as well, with another nasty diagnosis.  WTF.  Son has to go for second biopsy.  WTF  People acting like luney birds and over-reacting to the smallest stuff.  WTF  The list kind of goes on a bit today … Well, WTF.


Calling all angels ...

Calling all angels …

Those of you who know me know I’m not much into swearing.  I can generally work my head/heart around lots of situations, even somewhat baffling ones.  It must be the cloudy skies or something.  Today I’d like to whack something … and that’s what I’m going to do.  I am going to throw clay.  Not on a wheel, that might be dangerous today.  I’m going to use of some the old clay sitting in my “when I get around to it pail”, and I’m going to turn all of this angst into something useful.  Just have to remind myself that my neck/shoulder are not happy and not get too aggressive (WTF).  (THAT’s because somewhere in my pea brain I’m still 20, so I fell off my electric bike.  Anybody want to buy one?)


This has been a crazy year.  So glad my studio is full of enthusiastic newbies who will fill the place with chuckles.


Have a look at “Ello” … there really is a WTF button down at the bottom of the screen on the left.  I think we should all have one.


So this is my mantra for today … may we all be well and happy, and have the causes of happiness, apart from sorrow and the causes of sorrow, without attachment to some and aversion to others.  Couple of thousand times should do it …


Hope you’re having a great day.  You know where I’ll be!


Susan McD