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That’s right.  There is a Santa Claus.  Or, at least, that’s the way it seems when the kiln gets opened and things look GOOD!


Had a dream last night.  Probably a dream that many potters have — things had exploded in the kiln and there were pottery particles all over everything.  I had to remind myself (in my sleep) that I had already peeked and everything looked perfectly normal!  It’s hard when I get to the end of a teaching year and I know that students really want their pots to turn out fantastic.  Not just run-of-the-mill great — FANTASTIC!  Well luckily this year there are some pots that could go by that description, so there should be some happy potters this week.  I stll have some more to fire (as it all seems to bunch up at the end) but I should see some happy faces today.


It’s part of my end of the year wind-down.  Once the last class is finished I’m heading out to the Fusion Conference in London.  Going to watch someone else make teapots, see some fantastic porcelain sculpture, and eat all kinds of fabulous food.  What a great way to finish off my year, eh?  Then I’m going up to the Dharma Centre to do a couple of retreats — and THEN I’m going to clean and clear the studio, make way for some new stuff, maybe even try my hand at some sculpting.  (Cripes, maybe I’ll clear a space to actually paint!)  


Will keep you posted.  And will keep posting my favorite potters, only maybe some of them will be sculptors too!


Hope you’re enjoying this fantastic day,

Susan McD